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The Best Coffee in Aruba

‘Kompa Nanzi’ is an Aruban coffee company with a sole purpose: to produce the best quality coffee for everyone.Our beans are100% Arabica, organically certified, artisanally roasted and packaged in Aruba.
‘Kompa Nanzi’ ta un compania di koffie Arubano cu un único propósito: Produci e miho calidad di koffie pa tur hende. Nos boonchinan ta 100% Arabica, certifica organico, artesanalmente tosta y empaketa na Aruba.

Our Name

Kompa Nanzi is a folk tale originating from Africa, the birthplace of coffee, and migrated to the Caribbean via the slavery route about a spider who, although small, is known for outsmarting all of his opponents. One of his most known quotes is: ‘if you are not strong then you must be smart.” Just like Kompa Nanzi, Aruba, even though a small island, can still achieve big things. Enjoy!

Kompa Nanzi ta un cuento di pueblo di Africa, unda koffie a nace, cu a migra pa e region caribe cu e esclavonan y ta tocante un haraña cu, a pesar di ta chiquito, ta conoci pa por nek tur su opositornan. Un di su dichonan mas conoci ta: “Si bo no ta fuerte e ora ey bo mester ta sabi.” Mescos cu Kompa Nanzi, Aruba, aunke un isla chikito, toch por logra cos grandi. Disfruta!

Our Beans are:

Your coffee is organic-guaranteed!

Bo koffie ta garantisa organico!

Coffee Tree Harvesting

Your coffee is promoting the protection of forests and farmers from climate change

Bo koffie ta promove e proteccion di bosquenan y agricultornan contra e cambio di clima

Your coffee comes from a farm that uses a combination of foliage cover, tree height and biodiversity to provide quality habitat for birds and other wildlife

Bo koffie ta bin di un finca cu ta uza un combinaccion di cubierto di follaje, altura di palo y biodiversidad cu ta zorg pa un habitat di calidad pa parhanan y otro fauna salvaje.



Our coffee is roasted weekly to offer freshness in each of our coffee bags. We use european technology in every roast for consistensy in in aroma and flavor.

Enjoy the freshness!

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Available At


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