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Fresh Local oasted Coffee


about us

‘Kompa Nanzi’ is an Aruban coffee company with a sole purpose: to produce the best quality coffee for everyone.Our beans are100% Arabica, organically certified, artisanally roasted and packaged in Aruba.
Kompa Nanzi is a folk tale originating from Africa, the birthplace of coffee, and migrated to the Caribbean via the slavery route about a spider who, although small, is known for outsmarting all of his opponents. One of his most known quotes is: ‘if you are not strong then you must be smart.” Just like Kompa Nanzi, Aruba, even though a small island, can still achieve big things. Enjoy!
‘Kompa Nanzi’ ta un compania di koffie Arubano cu un único propósito: Produci e miho calidad di koffie pa tur hende. Nos boonchinan ta 100% Arabica, certifica organico, artesanalmente tosta y empaketa na Aruba.
Kompa Nanzi ta un cuento di pueblo di Africa, unda koffie a nace, cu a migra pa e region caribe cu e esclavonan y ta tocante un haraña cu, a pesar di ta chiquito, ta conoci pa por nek tur su opositornan. Un di su dichonan mas conoci ta: “Si bo no ta fuerte e ora ey bo mester ta sabi.” Mescos cu Kompa Nanzi, Aruba, aunke un isla chikito, toch por logra cos grandi. Disfruta!